The history of Hot Rodding in BC is rich and diverse. Here is a place for everyone involved to submit a few words…or a lot of words about their involvement and history of Hot Rodding!

Cars, motorcycles and boats

-By Dave Wilson
In 1957, two years after I graduated from North Vancouver High, I was 19 years old. I had a good job as a carpenter apprentice, worked overtime and owned a 1953 chopped, lowered and hopped up Oldsmobile 98 street rod, a 650 cc BSA Road Rocket Motorcycle and a 16 ft outboard waterski boat which I moored at Bay’s Boats in Horseshoe Bay.

A new highway was built joining North Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay (Upper Levels) which had many long straight-aways often used as a drag strip by local street- rodders and bikers much to the annoyance of
the local police.

“Roundy Rounding” from my memories

Bunny Jeboult

When Andy Digney opened his speedway on MacPherson Street in Burnaby in the
late ‘40s, it was my ‘place to be’ most Friday and Saturday nights. If you showed your
‘Student’s Card’ Andy gave us teens a break and I often rode my bike to get there. I loved the “Hot Rod’ races and Dave Clark’s ‘8 Ball’, a ’32 hi-boy was my favorite.
Dave was a hard charger, but often broke, it was Larry McBride who took it to the winner’s circle most of the time. The rods were sparse in number, racing parts were hard
to get, expensive and the ‘purse’ was pretty light.


Ron Latham

My initial involvement with hot rod clubs began in 1952 when Chuck Chapman, Ron Clark, several others and myself started the Norburn Auto Safety Club. We had 10-12 members at the start, most with cars, some just expectant. The RCMP sponsored the club by providing the meeting space at the beginning ( but no funding and we didn’t get off on tickets! ) The club was quite sophisticated with its own letterhead, an active social program – we raised enough money at one dance to buy a set of welding torches for the club. 


The Old Car Love Affair Started Early

By -Alyn Edwards

The year 1957 may go down as the all time great year for cars. My closest car buddy and I turned 13 and I had just returned to my Toronto home after two summer months visiting relatives in Vancouver.

To a kid that grew up in Toronto reading about West Coast cruisers in magazines like Car Craft and Hot Rod, seeing the hundreds of customs that cruised Vancouver’s streets was nothing short of amazing. It is part of the reason I moved to Vancouver in 1971.

2022 HHRRBC Gallery A

Don Smith

Don Smith grew up in Richmond and was a member of the Richmond Rod and Custom Club and raced at Digney Speedway. He was a very big part of the 40th and 50th Anniversaries of the BCHRA.    His family still has the 1931 Model A that Don got from  his parents when...

Irv Ross

Irv Ross of Duncan, was reported to be the first Canadian on the cover of Hot Rod magazine. It was the inset photo but still very cool to be the builder of a cover car!From the collection of Irv Ross.

Lorne Kerr

By Keith Warren 2010 Lorne was first introduced to hot rods in the early 50s when he was 10 years old. He lived a block away from the Horticultural Hall at 20th Avenue and Clark Drive in East Vancouver; the meeting place of the newly formedBCCCA. Lorne would go there...

Ron Latham

The Early days of Hot Rodding in BC- -By Ron Latham My initial involvement with hot rod clubs began in 1952 when Chuck Chapman, Ron Clark, several others and myself started the Norburn Auto Safety Club. We had 10-12 members at the start, most with cars, some just...

BCHRA History through the decades by Bunny Jeboult

Prior to, its inception, beginnings, activities, through the years, the reunion, the resurrection and up to Bunny Jeboult The early days . . .In the late '40s, the Hot Rod craze began showing up in BC as many '30s and '40s vehicles appeared in primer,...

Langley Loafers GVMPS Award

John Halvorsen remembers nearly 60 years ago when a group of car-crazy teenagers met in the parking Jot of a Langley supermarket to form a hot rod club. It would be called the Langley Loafers - and today it is one of Canada's longest-running community hot rod and...

Doug Curran Ford Coupe

The overwhelming amount of cool streetrods being driving regularly is testament to their important part of the car culture and overall practicality. Doug Curran has built his share of 55 Chevys with a 57 thrown in and a few mid 50’s Chevy trucks. About 6 years ago he...

BCCCA in Hot Rod Magazine Oct 1954

I was lucky enough to find this copy of Hot Rod magazine at the recent Coastal Swap meet. Inside was a great aarticle about the BC Custom Car Association.

Jerry Abramson 70 years of Hot Rodding

Jerry Abramson's photos of 70 years in Hot Rodding