Historic ‘Deuce Coupe’ to be featured at the Historic Hot Rod Reunion

Glen May has owned this iconic hot rod for the past 37 years. After driving it for 10 years, he restored the 1932 Ford three window coupe back to the way it was when it hit the streets of Vancouver more than 65 years ago – with certain improvements.

The radically modified red coupe had been built in the early 1950’s for West Point Kustoms car club member Ross Jackson. It was extra special because the body had been lowered over the frame six inches and then the fenders and running boards had been molded to the body.

In the 1950’s, the hot rod had been powered by a Ford flathead engine with dual carburetors. Later, Jackson repowered his hot rod with a chromed up 1957 Ford Thunderbird V8 engine with triple carburetors.

The little deuce coupe had been featured in the February 1960 Car Craft magazine, received top billing in all the early Motorama car shows at the Pacific National Exhibition and was already a boulevard icon when it was purchased by West Vancouver’s Phil Bradley. The car turned everyone’s heads on the North Shore..

Fellow West Vancouver High alumni Graeme Tait purchased the hot rod in the early 1970’s and completely rebuilt it. He made some minor body modifications and changed the colour to bright lime green.

Current owner Glen May turned the clock back on this historic deuce with an authentic restoration right down to the 1957 Ford Thunderbird engine with triple carburetors as a tribute to local hot rod history.