The Hot Rod Reunion of BC

August 27th at Mission Raceway Park

Special Anniversaries for four B.C. Car Clubs

B.C.C.C.A. was founded in 1952 and is celebrating 70 years of it’s first meeting, the Langley Loafers and the B.C.H.R.A. are both celebrating 65 years and P.I.S.R.A. is celebrating 50 years.

Why we are so excited about

the Historic Hot Rod Reunion of BC


Bringing west coast car culture together on August 27th for a mega show may be history making on its own.

Imagine Mission Raceway Park lined with some of British Columbia’s legendary hot rods, customs, race cars and restored collector vehicles. There will be a special area for this amazing display.

Car club members are all invited to bring their cars for their own display area: Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, vintage, classic, race cars, pickup trucks and heavy haulers. They will all be on display at the Historic Hot Rod Reunion of BC.

But we need your help: We need you to tell us where to find the owners of these cars so we can give them a special invitation.

We want to put their stories and photos on the website to encourage others to register their special interest vehicles for display.

Where are British Columbia’s most historic cars? Please contact us if you own one or give us contact information for other owners.

They will all be displayed on this day to remember!

Alyn Edwards, publicity chairman: 604 908-7231

BC Custom Car Association

To the best of our knowledge the B.C.C.C.A is the oldest rod & custom car club in Canada. Originally formed in the late 1951, many names for the club were tossed around such as the B.C. Hot Rod Association and the Vancouver Hot Rod Association. However, as negative connotations then surrounded the words “Hot Rods”, the B.C. Custom Car Association was chosen

BC Hot Rod Association

The British Columbia Hot Rod Association is an organization formed in 1957 by young men and women interested in unifying the rapidly increasing number of hot rod enthusiasts.

Their aim was to promote the safe construction and use of motor vehicles with strict adherence to the governing law and regulations.

Langley Loafers

The Loafers Hot Rod Club was founded in 1957 and has been active in motorsports throughout its history. Our present membership is comprised of thirty active and enthusiastic street rod and race car hobbyists. The members come from diverse business and career backgrounds and includes several of the original founding members.

Pacific International Street Car Association

PISRA was founded in 1971 to unite street rod owners, promote activities which will encourage future street rod enthusiasts, and provide a medium for the exchange of information between members. It was also a way to promote safety in the maintenance and operation of street rods in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Code.

The Hot Rod Reunion of BC will be held next August 27th in the pits at the 18-acre Mission Raceway Park, a fully sanctioned drag strip with a three-kilometer-long motocross course an hour east of downtown Vancouver. This will be the most historical and largest specialty vehicle
show ever held in British Columbia.
A committee drawn from some of Canada’s oldest car clubs began meeting in the fall of 2021 to set the stage for the event which will draw hot rods, custom cars, sports and race cars along with other special interest vehicles from all parts of British Columbia.
This will be a celebration like no other. The British Columbia Custom Car Association, which owns and operates Mission Raceway Park and was formed in January 1952, will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2022.
The British Columbia Hot Rod Association, formed in 1957, will celebrates the club’s 65th anniversary next year as does the Langley Loafers Car Club, also formed in 1957.
The Pacific International Street Rod Association, formed in 1971, is the fourth club involved in the organization of the reunion

We look forward to seeing your Hot Rod!








About the Venue

Mission Raceway Park is owned by the BC Custom Car Association. The track was originally built a bit closer to the City of Mission than where it is located now, by the River. BCCCA’s importance to the local drag racing scene is profound.

  B.C.C.C.A. hosted the first organized drag racing in Canada in 1952 at the Abbotsford Airport. Here they ran on a regular basis until 1957 when the Royal Canadian Air Force took over the facility. There were numerous outstanding cars and many featured in U.S. rod and custom magazines. During the 1950′s the club banked every dollar made at the Abbotsford drag races, car shows, seat belt drives, and many other events to raise money for a permanent drag strip.

-The track has Drag Racing including Drag Strip & Drifting Private Rentals.

-Road racing events are run by the Sports Car Club of BC, and take place on the 1.2 mile, 9-turn road course that winds its way through the drag strips’s cool down section.

-Motorcycle road racing events are run by the Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club and also runs on road course. The WMRC offers several classes of racing from Vintage motorcycles to Superbikes with everything in between.

-Motocross, Mission Raceway is home of the Lower Mainland Motocross Association.

Stories from the past

Cars, motorcycles and boats

-By Dave Wilson
In 1957, two years after I graduated from North Vancouver High, I was 19 years old. I had a good job as a carpenter apprentice, worked overtime and owned a 1953 chopped, lowered and hopped up Oldsmobile 98 street rod, a 650 cc BSA Road Rocket Motorcycle and a 16 ft outboard waterski boat which I moored at Bay’s Boats in Horseshoe Bay.

A new highway was built joining North Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay (Upper Levels) which had many long straight-aways often used as a drag strip by local street- rodders and bikers much to the annoyance of
the local police.

“Roundy Rounding” from my memories

Bunny Jeboult

When Andy Digney opened his speedway on MacPherson Street in Burnaby in the
late ‘40s, it was my ‘place to be’ most Friday and Saturday nights. If you showed your
‘Student’s Card’ Andy gave us teens a break and I often rode my bike to get there. I loved the “Hot Rod’ races and Dave Clark’s ‘8 Ball’, a ’32 hi-boy was my favorite.
Dave was a hard charger, but often broke, it was Larry McBride who took it to the winner’s circle most of the time. The rods were sparse in number, racing parts were hard
to get, expensive and the ‘purse’ was pretty light.


Ron Latham

My initial involvement with hot rod clubs began in 1952 when Chuck Chapman, Ron Clark, several others and myself started the Norburn Auto Safety Club. We had 10-12 members at the start, most with cars, some just expectant. The RCMP sponsored the club by providing the meeting space at the beginning ( but no funding and we didn’t get off on tickets! ) The club was quite sophisticated with its own letterhead, an active social program – we raised enough money at one dance to buy a set of welding torches for the club. 


The Old Car Love Affair Started Early

By -Alyn Edwards

The year 1957 may go down as the all time great year for cars. My closest car buddy and I turned 13 and I had just returned to my Toronto home after two summer months visiting relatives in Vancouver.

To a kid that grew up in Toronto reading about West Coast cruisers in magazines like Car Craft and Hot Rod, seeing the hundreds of customs that cruised Vancouver’s streets was nothing short of amazing. It is part of the reason I moved to Vancouver in 1971.


The Apache street rod built in 1952 from a 1932 Ford roadster looks good at any angle. In 1957, the Apache carried Jim McGowan and his bride, Mary, ontheir honeymoon. McGowan rebuilt it in the 1980s after a disastrous fire.
It wasn’t a good situation in 1952 that led to Jim McGowan’s purchase of a partially built 1932 Ford roadster hotrod.


ALYN EDWARDS Victoria’s Keith Smith shows off his historic hot rod Bloody Mary, originally customized in 1956.
Keith Smith believes his 1939 Ford coupe has a soul. As such, he considers himself merely the current custodian of this rolling piece of B.C.’s hot rod history.

Dave Boyce

Dave Boyce got his first car at the age of 13. His neighbour in Richmond said he could have the 1932 Chevrolet coupe if he could make it run. Boyce worked all summer rebuilding the engine and finally got it going.
When his excavating contractor father caught Boyce driving the car, he dug a hole and buried the car when his son was at school

Collectors Corner: Friends complete dream Model A restoration for dying hotrod lover

The distinctive custom grille and headlights are featured on Bob Diachuk’s street rod.
Bob Diachuk had been working for 12 years to have his very special hotrod debut at Grand National Roadster Show in California next January. But when he was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this year, he decided to aim instead for the mid-July Victoria show.


1939 Ford coupe has colourful past• Vancouver Sun• 16 Feb 2018• ALYN EDWARDS  Victoria’s Keith Smith shows off his historic hot rod Bloody Mary, originally customized in 1956.Keith Smith believes his 1939 Ford coupe has a soul. As such, he considers himself merely the...

Bernie Loughran

• Vancouver Sun• 29 Nov 2019• ALYN EDWARDS  A youthful Bernie Loughran built his hot rod, named the Yellow Peril, in 1957, the height of Vancouver’s hot rod craze.Bernie Loughran was 10 years old when he saw his first hot rod. He was riding with his parents late at...

Dave Boyce

Dave Boyce has had an affinity for fixing up classic cars since he worked on a 1932 Chevrolet coupe when he was just 13• Vancouver Sun• 21 Sep 2012• ALYN EDWARDS Dave Boyce got his first car at the age of 13. His neighbour in Richmond said he could have the 1932...


Jim McGowan’s ride survived busy show circuit, engine fire• Edmonton Journal• 14 Dec 2010• Alyn Edwards  The Apache street rod built in 1952 from a 1932 Ford roadster looks good at any angle. In 1957, the Apache carried Jim McGowan and his bride, Mary, ontheir...

Bob Diachuk

Hotrod lover sees dream come true in his final days• 9 Aug 2013• Alyn Edwards  The distinctive custom grille and headlights are featured on Bob Diachuk’s street rod.Earlier this summer, hot rodding’s elite — including Californians Roy Brizio, Steve Moal and Vic...

Rob Petty

Thanks to the swap meets• Vancouver Sun• 27 May 2016• ALYN EDWARDS  Rob Petty is bringing his 1932 Ford two-door coach to the Coastal Swap Meet at the Tradex Centre, near the Abbotsford Airport, Friday and Saturday.Rob Petty can point to 32 parts on his 1932 Ford...

Doug Curran

Hot Rod Friendships

Duo’s adventures included Vancouver’s first indoor car show• 23 Jan 2014• Alyn Edwards is a classic car enthusiast and partner in Peak Communicators , a Vancouver-based public relations company. Contact him at Postmedia News Alyn Edwards Coll ector...

Red and Chuck Robinson

Red and Chuck Robinson to be inducted at upcoming Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneers Association ceremonyVancouver Sun30 Sep 2011Alyn Edwards submitted photosA youthful Red Robinson broadcasting from the seat of a dragster at the Abbotsford Airport in the...

Roadster was Western Canada’s hottest hotrod

• Regina Leader-Post• 10 Jan 2014• ALYN EDWARDS  PNG archive Joe Mahovlic was a teenager in 1951 when he built his 1932 Ford roadster into Vancouver’s first California-style hotrod.VANCOUVER — The definitive hotrod is the 1932 Ford roadster affectionately called a...